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Mental Health Programs for Children, Youth and Families

Full Circle Therapies provides a space where children and youth are received warmly, in an open and calm environment. Full Circle Therapies offers specialist counselling and psychotherapy services for children with neurodevelopmental differences, trauma and general mental health needs.

Adult Mental Health

Full Circle Therapies offers both equine facilitated psychotherapy and more traditional counselling options for adults. 

Brooke has a number of years experience working within women's programs, providing addictions counselling, as well as working with survivors of trauma and abuse.  

Why come to a farm for a mental health program?

  • Being in the outdoors and connecting with nature is supportive of healing and can offer nourishment that may not be present in more clinical settings.

  • If you would like to try an approach that aims to be holistic and supports whole body, mind and heart healing.

  • If you enjoy being in the outdoors and have an affinity for animals. 

  • If you are seeking support for mental health and wellbeing. 

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