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Nature Based Approach


Horses are embodied beings, who are intimately connected to the natural world around them. As Full Circle Therapies is grounded in a nature based approach learnt at Generation Farms in Canada, we seek to intertwine this into our practice and philosophy, and see a nature based approach as fundamental in our work. This approach supports holistic wellness and healing, as it recognises our interdependence with all beings and life on this Earth. 

Working with horses therapeutically and authentically makes a nature based approach essential. Through open relational connection with the natural world, we are able to learn and grow by being held in the "container" that is our natural environment. This sense of being "held" by the natural world can provide us with both external and internal resources. 


When we are able to engage and connect with nature through mindful activities or in relationship with the horses, we can also see the ways in which we may take care of and heal our Earth. This relationship may feel lost to us at times, but at Full Circle Therapies we believe that reconnection and relationship with nature is always possible and available to us when we allow ourselves the space and time to "be with" the natural world. 

Nature can help us to self-regulate, learn new ways of expression, experience security, relax, restore and re-enliven our bodies, minds and spirits. 

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