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The Farm

Our Philosophy



We are committed to providing a safe and therapeutically informed service that supports humans to be in relationship with the horses in a manner that is conducive to healing and supports growth. 

Horses offer a unique relational opportunity for humans, as they are embodied social beings. Their "herd" instincts support embodied awareness and connection to those around them, and offers a depth of somatic relationship that we may not find when relating to other people or animals. Horses don't think about "therapy", horses just show up as they are. From this we are encouraged to "show up" as ourselves also, however this may arise in the moment. 

As Brooke is completing her certification through the Equine Facilitated Wellness Canada, the principles that guide Full Circle Therapies are those developed by EFW CAN (2015-2018, Equine Facilitated Wellness Canada). These are:


EFW-CAN Principles

The EFW CAN principles uphold the importance of treating human and equine participants with respect, dignity, honesty and integrity. They also underscore the need to ensure the safety and well-being of human and equine participants in all EFW activities.

These principles form the foundation of EFW-CAN Code of Ethics, and are explored in greater detail in our EFW-CAN PDF Information Package. 

Principle 1:  Respect for the rights and dignity of all individuals - both human and equine - and the promotion of well-being for all participants

Principle 2:  Professional competence and sound judgment in the service of responsible caring for human and equine participants

Principle 3:  Integrity and honesty in relationships with human and equine participants

Principle 4:  Responsibility to society and the equine facilitated wellness profession

Please look at the EFW CAN website for the above principles and more information. 


Influences include:

  • The Equine Facilitated Wellness Approaches of Generation Farms- Deborah Marshall, Kate Burns and Emily Pelletier.

  • The work of Leif Hallberg 

  • Somatic Psychology including the work of Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing), Pat Ogden and Kekuni Minton (SensoriMotor Psychotherapy), Babette Rothschild, Bonnie Badenoch.

  • Relational horsemanship methods

  • The study of mindfulness and its application to mental health (Daniel Siegel, Jon Kabat-Zinn and others)

  • The study of horses and their desire and willingness to be a part of the healing process

  • Robin Wall Kimmerer and other pioneers of the nature based field who are supporting us to reconnect with our interdependence with our planet. 

Full Circle Therapies also employs the most recently developed Safe Work NSW Code of Practice (2017) for Managing Risks When New or Inexperienced Riders or Handlers Interact with Horses in the Workplace. Please see the full code of practice HERE

Full Circle Therapies is located at the Shakspeare's family farm, a beautiful property set back in the hills, just outside of Beaudesert. Eden Lassi is a 300 acre working farm, and home to many horses, cattle, birdlife, kangaroos and our resident swan. The Shakspeare family moved to the area from Goondiwindi in 2014, and are very grateful for the beautiful space that they are able to share with their animals and visitors.

When you arrive at the farm there is time to pause, to notice and allow. To hear the birds sing, take in the smells of the farm,  and feel the wind on your face. The farm is a place where people come to reawaken their connection with nature, to spend time in the open spaces, and reconnect with themselves in relationship with the horses. 

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