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Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

Equine facilitated psychotherapy services for children, and adults. Populations we specialise in working with include: 

  • Children and Youth needing support with mental health and wellbeing

  • Children and Youth experiencing social and emotional difficulties, needing assistance with the development of social skills and self-regulation skills. 

  • Children and Youth with developmental disabilities including:

    • FASD​

    • Autism Spectrum Disorder

    • Complex Neurodevelopmental Conditions 

  • Adults with various mental health diagnoses 

  • Adults with trauma 



Horses offer opportunities for people to Learn and grow in relationship with another being. Horses also can provide a sense of connection for participants that may be a different experience to what is possible in more clinical therapy settings. 

People are allowed to go at their own pace with the horses, and to have space to explore and enjoy nature. 


The horses offer a space free from judgement for participants to learn about themselves and others, and to experience a holistic approach to healing. 

Benefits of EFW:

  • EFW can provide an alternative experience for children who may be resistant to talk based therapies. Children and young people can be motivated by the novelty of meeting and working with horses.

  • Horses provide the opportunity to learn relationship skills and new ways of interacting. 

  • Feedback can be provided to participants from a relational base, supporting their sense of safety. Horses can communicate with people in a manner that is often perceived as less judgemental, and this fosters learning in relationship. 

  • An experiential learning opportunity in setting boundaries in relationship with the horse, along with learning how to respond assertively and confidently.

  • As horses are embodied, they demonstrate body awareness, and connectedness to their senses and the natural environment around them. 

  • Horses encourage emotional authenticity as they "show up" authentically. 

  • EFW is a strengths based approach, supporting participants to build on their strengths and resource themselves in the present moment.

  • EFW encourages mindfulness and present moment awareness.

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